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Mad Tracks

Win a pool game without pocketing the black ball. 8-Ball (10 points)
Find five golden Aliens in "Toy Race". Alien Hunt (20 points)
Gather at least eleven Bronze medals. Bronze Rumble (10 points)
Do not pick up any power ups for three laps in "Black Out". Can't Pick This (10 points)
Finish "Toy Race" twenty times in a row. Chain racing (15 points)
Gather all fifteen Gold medals. Gold Struggle (20 points)
Finish in first five times in a row against five hard NPC on "Speed Racer". Hero (20 points)
Unlock all power ups. Loaded (15 points)
Finish five challenges with friends on split screen. Real fun (10 points)
Gather at least twelve Silver medals. Silver Fight (15 points)
Find five golden flags in "Black Out". Treasure hunt (15 points)
Beat 1 minute 15 seconds on "Fast Food". Ultra Fast Food (40 points)

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