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In the password screen enter the following to unlock various features.
ZPM = Zero Point Mover

Wall-e, Auto, Eve, ZPM All bonus features unlocked
M-O, Auto, ZPM, Eve All game content unlocked
Auto, Auto, ZPM, ZPM All holiday costumes unlocked
ZPM, Wall-e, M-O, Auto All multiplayer costumes unlocked
Eve, M-O, Wall-e, Auto All multiplayer maps unlocked
Auto, ZPM, M-O, Wall-e All single player levels unlocked
Eve, Wall-e, Wall-e, Auto Eve pemanent super laser upgrade
Wall-e, M-O, Auto, M-O Infinite Health
M-O, ZPM, Eve, Eve Wall-e & Eve make any cube anytime
Wall-e, Auto, Eve, M-O Wall-e always has super laser
Auto, M-O, Auto, M-O Wall-e make any cube anytime

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