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The Last Air Bender
Select Code Entry option on the Extras menu to
enter one of the following cheat codes.

34743 Double Damage
53467 Unlimited Stealth
23637 Unlimited Copper
24463 Unlimited Chi
94677 Unlimited Health
54641 One Hit Dishonor
97831 Character Concept Gallery
37437 All Treasure Maps

Unlimited Experience
During battling go back for more experience.
You can get unlimited experience.

Destroying The Fire Machine
This is the machine you must fight in order to find
Katara. Dodge the fire bending. Try running left to right, then
right to left. Continue this until you see a flashing light near
it. This is your chance to attack. Hit it with Aang. You may use
a Chi attack but just a plain attack should work just as well,
however it takes time. You will have Saka (Katara's brother) fighting
with you to do double damage. After about a quarter way down on
HP, the machine will start throwing fire around. Keep a safe distance
from this attack. It causes no real threat to your or your partner
as long as you stay as far away as possible.

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