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Toilet Train your Tamagotchi
NOTE: you can tell that your Tamagotchi is going to go to the bathroom if he starts to shake.

When your Tamagotchi is about 3 years or older, you can press
the rubber duck icon(clean)just before they go to the bathroom.
A toilet will appear and your Tamagotchi will sit on it.

Secret Mode
With an Adult Tamagotchi, win ANY tournament. You will get a symbol above your
tamagotchi's picture on it's stats screen. Now, go to the options menu.
There will be a mode called MUSIC MODE. Inside are:
Sound Test
Sound FX test
Sound Test Speed
A gallery of ALL the characters you get after that Tamagotchi wins.
They are numbered and you have to get all of them to beat the entire game.

Raise a Dog
To raise a dog, feed your pet bread. When it turns six it will morph into a dog!

Feed a pet that hatched from a black egg only carrots.
The pet will transform into Mimitchi after turning six.

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